Thank You Dr.Cabangbang…I love the little project you requested.

A small canvas of a famous Banksy painting.

Next project…A SUPER BIG PAINTING OF BANKSY!!! Ok…mission accepted!!

Privacy Window!!

Ok sooooo….

My husband really likes the out door alcove to store the garbage cans. Problem being, it looks directly out from my dining room!! Argh!!!😩

So after discovering “Gallery Glass” online, I used it on a practice glass picture frame. It cost $7.00 for 8oz. The glue like material starts out white but drys completely clear. It looked just like what I wanted for the dining room windows …But….I discovered something; it smelled suspiciously like Mod Podge…🤔so I tried another glass picture frame …and it turned out EXACTLY the same!!!!

So the gallon of Mod Podge I already had worked beautifully for 1/8th the price of Gallery Glass.


I love the way it looks but I wish it concealed those damn garbage cans a bit more. I’ll have to experiment with adding a little acrylic paint maybe.

There you have it.

Easy and beautiful effect!!😘

Journaling my projects

A road trip begs leaving rocks along the way. I hope they brighten up someone’s day…or at least make a good paper weight…😀.

Left them at truck stops, hotel parking lots and even a cemetery. Someone sent pictures of one of these rock’s journey all the way to British Colombia. 😃

Summer 2018