Privacy Window!!

Ok sooooo….

My husband really likes the out door alcove to store the garbage cans. Problem being, it looks directly out from my dining room!! Argh!!!😩

So after discovering “Gallery Glass” online, I used it on a practice glass picture frame. It cost $7.00 for 8oz. The glue like material starts out white but drys completely clear. It looked just like what I wanted for the dining room windows …But….I discovered something; it smelled suspiciously like Mod Podge…🤔so I tried another glass picture frame …and it turned out EXACTLY the same!!!!

So the gallon of Mod Podge I already had worked beautifully for 1/8th the price of Gallery Glass.


I love the way it looks but I wish it concealed those damn garbage cans a bit more. I’ll have to experiment with adding a little acrylic paint maybe.

There you have it.

Easy and beautiful effect!!😘

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